Fungal Update 2018


Day 1 - 2nd March 2018


Antifungal Management in Haemato-Oncology: Real World Implementation

Non-empirical management – Dutch courage - Professor Nicole Blijlevens, Nijmegen, The Netherlands         PODCAST

Pre-emptive management – where it started - Professor Johan Maertens, Leuven, Belgium      PODCAST

Empirical management – pre and post Brexit - Dr Andy Peniket, Oxford, UK       PODCAST

Radiology driven non-empirical management – Italian image(s) - Dr Marta Stanzani, Bologna, Italy 


A question of resistance: lessons from the antibiotic story for better IFI control - Prof Peter Hawkey, Birmingham and Prof Matthew Fisher, London
Sponsored symposium supported by Gilead      


Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Fungal Pathogens – A New Dawn? 

Antibody-based diagnostics and therapeutics for fungal infections - Dr Fiona Rudkin, Aberdeen, UK     PODCAST

Antibodies for Murcorales - Professor Ashraf Ibrahim, UCLA, USA     PODCAST

Pan Fungal detection - Dr Daniel Poulain, Lille, France 


Day 2 - 3rd March


Fungi, the host response and human disease

Macrophages, TLR - BTK signaling and Aspergillus fumigatus - Dr Darius Armstrong-James, Imperial College, London     PODCAST

Fungal suppression by human T-cells in mucosal immunity and inflammation - Dr Neil McCarthy, QMUL, London


Keynote lecture: Overview of immunity to fungal pathogens and human disease - Professor Stuart Levitz, USA      PODCAST


Generic Antifungals and Novel Agents

Generic antifungal agents, what do we need to know - Professor William Hope, Liverpool      PODCAST

Novel agents in clinical trials, a drug revolution? - Dr Roger Bruggemann, Radboud UMC, Nijmegan      PODCAST


Keynote lecture: NHS perspective on antifungals (generics), stewardship and CQUINs - Malcolm Qualie, Pharmacy lead, Specialised services, NHS England


Resistance and Global Issues

HI-associated cryptococcal meningitis: Effective and sustainable regimens for resource-limited settings - Professor Tom Harrison, St Georges Hospital, London

Resistance update - Candida Auris - Dr Tom Chiller, CDC, USA

Resistance update - Aspergillus sp. - Professor Paul Erwij, Centre of expertise in Mycology, Radboudumc / CW

Challenging Clinical Cases

Case Study 1 – Is that yeast or mould? Challenges in tissue transplantation - Dr Rohini Manuel, Public Health England, UK      PODCAST

Case Study 2 – Where did that come from? - Dr Jonathan Lambourne, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK      PODCAST

Case Study 3 – Chasing mould around hospitals: clinical challenges in outbreak response and prevention - Dr Tom Chiller, CDC, USA      PODCAST

Imaging and infection workshop


Imaging and respiratory infection

X-Ray and CT of the Chest - Utility and Limitations - Dr Stephen Ellis, Imaging Lead St Bartholomews Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust       

Diagnostic Work-up in the Immunocompromised - Prof Jeremy Brown, Respiratory Lead UCL/ UCLH, London       PODCAST

Stereotactic-Navigated Broonchoscopy fro Biopsy of Lung Nodules-from cancer to infection? Dr Kelvin Lau, Cardiothoracic Lead, St Bartholomew's Hospital.

CT-PA Driven management of lung nodules in Haemato-Oncology - Dr Claudia Sassi, Bologna


Imaging of Complications and Novel Diagnostics

Imaging of Graft versus Host disease - Dr Khawaja Shabuddin, GI Radiology, Barts Trust      PODCAST

Progress in Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy - Dr Neil Hartman, Radiologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London     PODCAST

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