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Venue: QEII Centre, Westminster, London

CPD Accreditation:   Royal College of Pathologists   - 13 Credits for both days

Friday 15th March 2019

0830: Registration and coffee   

1000: Welcome and opening remarks

1015: Keynote presentation: Using the innate immune system to understand the structure of fungal pathogens - Professor Neil Gow, Exeter

1045: Plenary session - The burden of superficial mycoses  (Supported by ISHAM)

1045: Introduction - Professor Malcolm Richardson

1105: The emerging problem of untreatable severe superficial dermatophytosis due to emerging resistance in India - Professor Anuradha Chowdhary, India

1125: The huge problem of vulvovaginal candidosis - Dr Riina Richardson, Manchester

1200: Break

1230: Parallel session one -  Point of care diagnostics  (Supported by ECMM)

Rapid testing for Candida and Aspergillus - Dr Juergen Prattes, Graz, Austria and Dr Katrien Lagrou, Leuven, Belgium

Rapid testing for cryptococcus - Dr Tom Harrison, St Georges, London

             Parallel session two - Antifungal stewardship - preservation and promotion  (Supported by BSAC)

Launch of the fungal stewardship e-learning module

1345: Lunch

1430: Sponsored session - Gilead

1515: Parallel session one - Antifungal management in Haemato-oncology (Supported by BSBMT)

1515: Introduction - Dr Olivier Lortholary, Paris, France

1535: Debate - “No Diagnosis - No Antifungals”! Management of Common Sense - Dr Eduardo Olavarria and Prof. Nicole Blijlevens

             Parallel session two -  (Supported by UKCMN)

1515: Update UKCMN - Dr Silke Schelenz

1535: Mycology laboratory diagnostics: standards and interpretation of susceptibility testing - Dr Liz Johnson, Bristol

1600: Antifungal resistance

1620: Break

17:00 Plenary session - Interactive case studies

17:00 TBC - Dr Jonathan Lambourne, London

17:20 Management challenges in India - Professor Anuradha Chowdhary, India

17:40 Disseminated aspergillosis with ibrutinib - or is it? - Dr Olivier Lortholary, Paris, France

1800: End of Day 1

1900: Invited conference dinner to held within the splendor of the Palace of Westminster        


Saturday 16th March 2019

0800: Refreshments available

0830: Plenary session - Clinical lessons and free papers

0920: Plenary - Paediatric Mycology  ( Supported by EPMyN)

0940: Fungal diagnostic biomarkers and imaging - how to use those in children - Thomas Lehrnbecher, Frankfurt, Germany

1000: Epidemiology of neonatal and paediatric candidemia in Europe - Professor Adilia Warris, University of Aberdeen

1020: Fluconazole and micafungin dosing in neonates - Professor Theoklis Zaoutis, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

1040: Antifungal prescription in paediatric patients across the UK - Laura Ferreras Antolin, St Georges, London

1100: Break

1130: Keynote lecture: “The rise (and fall) of Candida auris and other drug-resistant fungi’. (ECDC)

1215: Sponsored symposium - Pfizer

1300: Lunch

1350: Parallel session one - Imaging and Radiology

13:50 Nuclear Medicine Techniques for Imaging of Infections - Dr Athar Haroon, London

14:10 Cu64-Labelled for Diagnosing Invasive Fungal Diseases by CT-PET - Dr Chris Thornton, Exeter

14:40 “The Utility and Pitfalls of Chest CT for Fungal Infections”. - Dr Anu Balan, London

             Parallel session two - (Supported by BMS)

1500: Closing plenary session

15:00 Influenza and aspergillosis in the ICU - Professor Joost Wauters, Leeuven

15:20 Mechanisms predisposing to IA post influenza - role of Oseltamivir 

15:40 Emergence of CNS and invasive fungal infections with Ibrutinib

16:00 Mechanisms of Ibrutiinib-induced immune dysregulation and CNS infection - Dr Darius Armstrong James, London

1615: Closing remarks