Fungal Update 2019

Programme - Day 1 15th March

Presentation slides and videos are available below where speakers have given permission. Please note the videos will open in a new window.

Keynote presentation - Using the innate immune system to understand the structure of fungal pathogens - Professor Neil Gow, Exeter

The burden of superficial mycoses (Supported by ISHAM)

Introduction - Professor Malcolm Richardson, Manchester VIDEO

The emerging problem of untreatable severe superficial dermatophytosis due to emerging resistance in India - Professor Anuradha Chowdhary, India SLIDES VIDEO

The huge problem of vulvovaginal candidosis - Dr Riina Richardson,Manchester SLIDES VIDEO

Plenary session - Beyond Haematology and ICU: The challenge of Invasive Fungal Disease in the Solid Organ Transplant Patient (Sponsored session by Gilead)

Point of Care Fungal Diagnostics (Supported by ECMM)

Rapid testing for Candida and Aspergillus - Dr Juergen Prattes. Austria SLIDES VIDEO

Rapid diagnostic tests for invasive aspergillosis - Dr Katrien Lagrou, Belgium SLIDES VIDEO

Rapid testing for cryptococcus - Dr Tom Harrison, London SLIDES VIDEO

Antifungal stewardship - preservation and promotion (Supported by BSAC)

Introduction to Antifungal stewardship - Prof. Philip Howard, Leeds SLIDES VIDEO

Incentives to improve antifungal stewardship - Laura Whitney, London SLIDES VIDEO

Introduction to the BSAC e-learning module on Antifungal stewardship - Dr Stephen Hopping, Manchester SLIDES VIDEO

Antifungal management in Haemato-oncology (Supported by BSBMT)

Introduction - Dr Olivier Lortholary, France VIDEO

Debate - “No Diagnosis - No Antifungals”! Madness or common sense - Dr Eduardo Olavarria, London and Professor Nicole Blijlevens, Netherlands

Dr Eduardo Olavarria SLIDES VIDEO Professor Nicole Blijevens SLIDES VIDEO

UKCMN (Supported by UKCMN)

Update: UKCMN - Dr Silke Schelenz SLIDES VIDEO

Mycology Laboratory diagnostics - standards and interpretation of susceptibiity testing - Dr Elizabeth Johnson, Bristol SLIDES VIDEO

Antifungal resistance - Dr Lewis White, Cardiff SLIDES VIDEO

Interactive case studies

Whats in a name? - Dr Jonathan Lambourne, London SLIDES VIDEO

Management Challenges in India - Professor Anuradha Chowdhary, India SLIDES VIDEO

Disseminated aspergillosis with Ibrutinib - or is it? - Dr Olivier Lortholary SLIDES VIDEO

Programme - Day 2 16th March

Clinical Lessons & Free papers selected from abstracts

Comparison of the diagnostic performance of the IMMY sōna Aspergillus galactomannan LFA and the OLM Diagnostics AspLFD - Toine Mercier, Belgium SLIDES VIDEO

Triazole-resistance in invasive aspergillosis in haematology patients: prevalence and impact on mortality - Agustin Resendiz Sharpe, Belgium SLIDES VIDEO

Candidaemia trends and risk factors for mortality over 23 years (1995 - 2018) within the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH): Clinical informatics solutions to real-time, continuous surveillance - Dr James Lester, Cambridge VIDEO

Host - Pathogen interaction in CNS infection - Dr Rebecca Drummond, Birmingham

Paediatric Mycology - (supported by EPMyN)

Fungal diagnostic biomarkers and imaging – how to use those in children - Dr Thomas Lehmbecher, Germany

Epidemiology of neonatal and paediatric candidemia in Europe - Professor Adilia Warris, Aberdeen SLIDES VIDEO

Fluconazole and micafungin dosing in neonates - Dr Theokis Zaoutis, USA SLIDES VIDEO

Antifungal prescription in paediatric patients across the UK - Laura Ferreras Antolin, London

The rise (and occasional fall) of Candida auris, perspectives from the CDC and PHE - Dr Tom Chiller, USA and Dr Colin Brown, Public Health England


Meet the Pathogens - (Supported by BMS)

Candidalysin toxin - Dr Jonathan Richardson, London SLIDES VIDEO

Fluconazole resistance in cryptococcal meningitis - Dr Tihana Bicanic, London SLIDES VIDEO

Aspergillus fumigatus - Professor Elaine Bignell, Manchester SLIDES VIDEO

Imaging and Radiology

The Radiologic Imaging of Fungal disease - Dr Anu Balan, London SLIDES

Nuclear Medicine Techniques for Imaging of Infections - Dr Athar Haroon, London SLIDES VIDEO

Diagnostic ImmunoPET/MR Imaging of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis - Professsor Christopher Thornton, Exeter SLIDES VIDEO

Fungal Immunology

Influenza and aspergillosis in the ICU - Professor Joost Wauters, Leuven SLIDES

Mechanisms of ibrutinib-induced immune dysregulation and CNS infection - Dr Darius Armstrong James, London

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